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Melbourne, Australia


May 2023

Audio-Armour is a wearable helmet designed to provide ear protection as its primary function. The helmet draws heavy inspiration from the sci-fi aesthetics featured in films like Dust, District 9, and Star Wars. It’s hardware includes a sound sensor, OLED display, servos, and an Arduino Nano, which serves as the brain for the programming. This helmet was created by Samuel as part of a fashion design and space class at RMIT University.

The purpose of the helmet is to focus on a specific body site and create a performance that relates to the surrounding space and the sensors of that body site. When the helmet is switched on, it displays the logo "AUDIO ARMOUR" and then transitions to its main function. The sound sensor detects peak volumes in the environment, which are displayed on the screen. Subsequently, the servos are activated to block off the ears from potentially damaging volumes.

If you click on the first image to the left below you will see the helmet in action. Unfortunately, the screen on the helmet displays black lines but this is due to the framerate of the camera being in sync with the screens refresh rate.

For its construction, the helmet primarily utilises sheet metal steel and aluminium. These materials were skilfully rounded out using metal forming hammers. For the wiring, electronics, and programming I pieced together the components and spent multiple days refining the coding.

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