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Melbourne, Australia


June ‎2022

"Folium" is made with the intention of being strictly runway and editorial due to its avant-garde nature.

I was inspired by the peeling bark of Australian paperbark trees, dried eucalyptus leaves and the more neutral natural colour palette showcased in the dry Australian bush. The asymmetric shape and structure of Folium" replicates the untouched fallen foliage found decomposing on the floor of the bush and the overall ‘beautiful imperfection’ of Australian nature.

The intention of the headpiece's contrasting ‘wavy’ silhouette was to break up the more ‘angular’ patchwork of the dress, further reiterating the beauty of our perfectly imperfect native bush.

When approaching the neckline of the garment I wanted to directly mirror the contour of a coiled and dried-up leaf. As you can see, the curve and flare of the neckline ‘climbs’ and ‘envelops’ the model like the Cissus Antarctica plant, an Australian native climber.

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