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Melbourne Flower Show


Melbourne, Australia


‎May ‎2022

This project was created for the 2022 Melbourne Flower Show. This project was a partnership between myself and my peer Carlie Maxwell. We were tasked with creating a display that consisted of a garment or outfit that was created out of plants.

The theme we decided to explore for the show was "Nature vs Technology". Our theme for the 2022 Flower Show was centred on the intersectionality of digital and natural, and how this impacts ecological sustainability. Digital technology has given way for great social advancements, but its artificial presence contradicts the decomposition of organisms.

We realised this theme in material outcomes through pressing, weaving, and blending floral articles with digital artifacts. Dynamic garment outcomes such as trousers constructed from combined vines and cables represents the interconnected nature of the current era. We primarily used outdated technology to reflect the environmental cost of digital progress, the consequences of moving forward, and the permanence of these obsolete products.

For the upper, we crafted a tank top from pressed flowers and melted plastic from items such as cassette players, cd's etc. We also experimented with the idea of creating a face mask using primarily individual keycaps and other electrical components.

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