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Samuel de Raadt is a Bachelor of Fashion Design Graduate from RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia. Samuel’s creativity and perception are influenced by his birthplace, Venezuela, and upbringing in both Sri Lanka and New Zealand. Samuel is a creative and dedicated designer who applies critical design thinking to explore unique and theatrical collections and accessories.


He is passionate about using fashion and sculpture to tell stories and always strives to blur the lines between art and fashion.


He finds joy in experimenting with various techniques to create pieces that transcend the conventional boundaries of fashion, creating a striking visual impact.


One aspect that captivates Samuel's imagination is the potential of masks. The way that masks can shape-shift the wearer, challenge perceptions and bringing characters to life inspires him. By integrating masks into his designs, Samuel plays with identity, performance, and personal expression.


Through his work, he aims to create awe-inspiring moments that transport viewers into realms of imagination and wonder.

Instagram @sam_deraadt

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